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Blockbuster Online

Saturday, June 18th, 2005

I signed up with Blockbuster Online. I haven’t figured out if they’re evil for essentially copying netflix and trying to put them out of business by undercutting them, or if that’s just the free market. All I know, is I had a netflix account for a year and a half, and they raised the prices on me so I quit. I don’t think they would have raised their prices if they had had the competition they have today. The funny thing is, I had it for one and a half years, and I had the same 3 dvds they initially shipped. I’d probably have never quit if it wasn’t for their greed.

Anyway, I’ve been watching a lot of movies I probably would never actively pay money for with this new all you can eat movie system.

AmadeusNorth by NorthwestFinal Cut

I like the service a lot; especially since at my new apartment it’s a lot easier to send outgoing mail.

I wish I could put my history and / or queue on this website fed through some sort of RSS feed, but they don’t have that functionality. I sent them a note requesting that feature; I doubt it’ll go anywhere.

If there are any movies you think I must see, go ahead and drop me a a comment.