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New Website

Wednesday, March 9th, 2005

So I’ve neglected this website quite a bit. One of the main reasons was that the last software change, the one to nucleus, resulted in a website that was ugly and difficult to manage. I’ve been wanting to switch to wordpress for a long time, as it’s GPLed and popular amongst the Gnome guys. I’ve procrastinated updating the software because I didn’t want to spend the time yet again to do the SQLfu required to import the articles into the new database format. In general, articles are always easy, comments always a royal pain in the arse. But I’m stuck here in vietnam trying to figure out ways to not work on my documentary proposal, and I find the best way to get stuff done is to do it while trying to avoid doing something else. I got everything ready to start SQLfu and was staring at my old articles and decided that they probably weren’t worth importing. I’ve been writing on this website since mid 1999 I believe; I can’t be sure since I tried to check the Internet Wayback Machine, but here in Communist vietnam they have it blocked. While the old posts are interesting to look at to gain some perspective, they aren’t really valuable to the internet at large. As such, I’ve decided to not import them to this new format. It may not be coincidental that I decided this right as I was about to start having to figure out the main SQLfu to start the import.

My main metagoals I hope to achive are to have the gallery integrated and perhaps the use of blogtorrent for video and audio. This host doesn’t provide for bittorrent seeds however, so if you know of a cheap one that would provide a few gigs please let me know. I don’t think I’m going to use categories for any entries; I’ve never really seen the need other than the neat icons provided by Geeklog in v1.0. Gnuyen v3.0 is available here.

Thus begins, v4.0. Let’s hope it doesn’t suffer the same neglect as the previous versions.