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Daily Photos

Sunday, November 20th, 2005

Danny Silverman says any blog post that beings with “I know I haven’t updated in a while” is already in trouble, so I won’t do that.

I’ve had a lot of things I’ve wanted to put up here, but haven’t because of the high geek factor. I think I’m going to have to use the categories, and hide the geek stuff from the front page.

In order to force myself to produce content for this site, starting today I’m implementing a new policy. Every day I intend to upload an image taken that day of something and write a caption for it. This will solve the whole, “writing is hard” problem, and hopefully will result in a journal of sorts. Here’s the first one to start it off:

I spent some time yesterday integrating gallery into wordpress so people could browse my daily images in a format more conducive to image browsing, and to give me a better interface for uploading. The idea is to have entries automatically appear when things are uploaded to that album. I had this idea before, for photoblogging with my cell phone, but cell phone cameras are so pathetically optically challenged, that it’s just not satisfying to use them.

Yesterday I had a mini UFC party to watch the ppv. It was totally a bunch of pathetic fights, don’t pick up the second showing. I did manage to catch Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire on friday, and it was phenomenal. I really wish they’d keep Mike Newell on for the rest of the films.