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The Neverending Hospital Trip

Sunday, December 4th, 2005

So I woke up today short of breath. Chills and coughing I can handle. Not being able to breathe worries me a bit. I decide to go to see a doctor.

My doctor is closed of course, since it’s Sunday. I call around a bunch of general practitioners and they’re all closed too. So I do what I figure most people do on Sundays, go to a hospital.

I’m feeling kind of guilty going to the Emergency Room, since this isn’t really, in my opinion, an emergency. But when I get there at 8:52am there’s no one else around so I figure not being able to breathe is a good enough excuse to be there. they write SOB (shortness of breath I hope) on my slip and send me in right away.

7 hours, a chest xray, CT scan, intravenus antibiotics, ungodly number blood tests, diabetes test, and $2750 later, I’m discharged from the hospital.
Plus I have to pay whatever they charge for the chest x-ray, which they’re going to bill separately, and $145 in prescriptions.

Christmas is officially cancelled.

Yay for being the only first world country in the world without socialized medicine.