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Requiem for a Camera

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

My trusty point and click Konica Minolta Dimage x20 has died. The screen did some funky stuff, and now it has problems turning on and the screen doesn’t show anything ever. A great number of pictures in the photo album were taken with this camera; it will be missed. I have replaced it with the Konica Minolta Dimage x50. I didn’t comparison shop like I did when I bought the first one. I just bought the newest version of my old camera because I was happy with it. The internally mounted lens is a must have for me on a point and shoot camera.

I have another digital camera with manual focus and the like, which because it’s huge and bulky, never manages to go anywhere with me. I would probably be happier if the x50 had some sort of option for adjusting the focus though.

Old Camera:


New Camera:


Requiem for a Phone

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

On Saturday night I went to go watch Sin City again. Bob and Kit wanted to go see it, so I drove to The Block on my scooter. When I got home I noticed I didn’t have my cell phone. I think I either left it in the theatre or dropped it on the way home. So my Sony Ericsson z200, which was purchased in the Philippines, accompanied me through Japan, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, was lost in the 2 miles from The Block to my apartment. So I got a new gsm card, which cost 25 bucks, from cingular to replace my old one. In Asia, you can buy a prepaid gsm card for like 3 bucks, so I’m pretty sure they’re making tons of money on this little service of theirs.

As a result, I’ve probably lost your phone number, so please email or IM me it. I’ve also had to switch phones to my backup phone, which is a crappy Sony Ericsson t237.

Old Phone:

New Temp Phone:

I’m in the market for a new one, so any suggestions will be appreciated.