Starship Troopers

Looking for solutions in the aforementioned bug war, Scott suggested the Fool-A-Bug anti bug bowl.
Fool A Bug Bowl
This bowl is up on posts, and would require an ant to do some crazy gymnastics to get the food.
Bowl Profile
The bowl worked remarkably well; the ants never got into his food after that. Unfortunately, the ants were still EVERYWHERE so the problem wasn’t solved. My solution?
One quick call and the next day I couldn’t find a single ant.

The empire struck back a few days later however. Though the Ant Kingdom was in ruins, their enemies, the Spiders, without a foe, struck my camp. Toki was bit by some kind of spider or bug in the face. His face ballooned up, and I had to take him to the vet.
Toki's Puffed Up Face
This is him all puffed up
This is what he usually looks like

I called Orkin back up and had them come in and do spiders (this is included for free with my previous service). Hopefully that is the end of that.

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  1. Ken Harmon Says:

    Hello! I was just curious as to where you got that cool Orkin Man logo. I’ve sold for them for 7 summers consecutive and am making a flier for recruiting. Do you have the original… this one is nipped.

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