Barack Obama

Barack ObamaWhat is the deal with Barack Obama? Why does this guy have so much buzz, when as far as I can tell, he’s never actually accomplished anything as a law maker. Apparently the only thing he’s ever done is give a mediocre speech at the DNC, and yet he’s a frontrunner in the race for Democratic candidate for president. What?!? I swear John Edwards gives better speeches, and at least he could bring 15 electoral votes from NC. The Democrats already took Illinois in ’04. In order to beat McCain in ’08, the Dems will need all the help they can get.

The Republicans have two very strong candidates in Rudy Giuliani and McCain. I think Giuliani would definitely win a general election, but he may be too liberal to win the primary. McCain is most likely going to take the primary with ease.

But who knows, maybe Obama could beat him. Like I said, I don’t get what the buzz is all about, and I don’t know if it can be sustained all the way till Nov ’08. I wish someone could explain to me what all this fuss a first term senator out of Illinois seems to be mustering up.

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  1. Arion Says:

    perhaps you should look at his entry. There’s plenty of his accomplishments listed there.

    but I think his message is more powerful. He preaches for a call beyond bipartisanship politics and ask people to look beyond thier diffrences. A fantastic example of this was the awesome speech he gave at Saddleback church in Orange County California, a very ultra conservative community, about putting aside diffrences to solve bigger problems (the speech was about the spread of AIDS), and he got a standing ovation ( a guy who is openly He is also sick of politicals pundits on TV, the creation of the concept of Red and Blue states…so am I (hell, many conservative talkers are already emphasizing his middle name with no explanation in hope of confusing people on his religous Christian beliefs..those bastards). For me, I think what it will draw down to is whats beyond his feelings and what he will do about the economy becuase that is what I know less about when it comes to Obama. But otherwise so far, so good.

  2. gnuyen Says:

    The first place I looked was Wikipedia and wasn’t particularly impressed. He hasn’t really done anything to speak of. There’s no basis to form an opinion on how well he would do or even what his politics are really. His bills tend to be non-controversial. He might have a powerful message, but the presidents job is to actually DO things and it’s important to be sure he’ll do what the people voting for him want. How will Obama handle foreign policy? What are his actual plans for economic development?

    Preaching for a call beyond partisan politics is fantastic. G W Bush ran in 2000 as the moderate who could bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans, and he even had a history in Texas of sort of doing that. He turned out to be one of the most partisan presidents in the history of the country. What are the solutions to partisan politics? Does he have friends on both sides of the legislature to actually pull this off? It seems to me he doesn’t, as he’s just too new.

    I guess what it comes down to is that it seems to me Obama’s popularity has only to do with charisma and not about whether or not he could actually run the country. I haven’t seen him do enough to be satisfied he could run a fortune 500 company let alone the United States of America. He simply hasn’t earned the qualifications to be trusted as the leader of the free world. Might he be a great leader? Maybe, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to know.

    It seems to me, candidates for president should have a long and consistent track record, a proven ability to work with others, and above all else be qualified to be president before charisma should even be an issue.

  3. Adlah Says:

    Who is the answer to eoconmy, war on iraq, healthcare, gas prices, school fundings, foreclosures, middle class and etc then? If you’re taking away the pointed finger, we need to know WHO we need to point it at. The candidates for presidency are the ones who are saying they are responsible for the issues we have in this country. Who are the others accountable?

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