New Desk Setup

I just reconfigured my workspace. With the addition of two new desks and some decadent LCDs, I now have an insane amount of desktop real estate.


2 Responses to “New Desk Setup”

  1. Maro Says:

    Couple of questions =)

    What type of LCDs are those?

    And why do you need 4 screens? I thought you’re not working in IT now.

    Jealosy aside, it’s damn sweet.

    I noticed the notebook. I’ve looking at notebook lately, but I don’t really have use for one. It’s heavy, it’s big, and there’s not much point to me having my own notebook at work… I usually don’t have enough free time to work on own projects there =(.

  2. gnuyen Says:

    The two tall ones are Dell 2005fpws. The Imac is, well, an Imac. The laptop is a dell lattitude D800. If you notice on the right, there’s an ibook that’s closed.

    I need screens because I’m a desktop whore.

    I use my notebook at lot less than I used to. I mainly use it for travel and working from bed.

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