Paul McCartney on Tour

Paul McCartney
I must go to this. I’m going to try to buy as many tickets as I possibly can (8) and go to this thing.

Anyone else want to go? If I can’t get tickets to the LA or Anaheim showing, I’ll go to Vegas or San Jose. There have got to be a few Beatles fans amongst my friends. One of the Vegas shows is on my birthday. I’m down to go to multiple ones.

Staples Center

Update: Got tickets for Vegas on my birthday. Anyone who wants to come is welcome, you just probably won’t be sitting with us during the actual concert.

3 Responses to “Paul McCartney on Tour”

  1. Maro Says:

    Man, I’d so go with you. I’m a huge Beatles/PMcC fan.
    Tonight I’m going to the Queen & Paul Rodgers concert here in Budapest. Queen is #1 for me, Beatles #2, or the other way around, depending on my mood =).

  2. Maro Says:

    They said they will rock me, and they kept their promise. It was awesome. Paul Rodgers was ok.

  3. nihkon Says:

    I’ll pass on the McCartney, but get a hold of some sold out tickets for Nine Inch Nails and I’ll go with you man!!

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