Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn

Everyone raves about Ubuntu and how it’s easy it makes everything. 7.04 garnered critical acclaim for being, “better, but not that different” which isn’t the greatest endorsement, but at least it’s an endorsement. I did 4 upgrades from Edgy (6.10) to Fawn (7.04). It was very simple, I just used the update manager and it updated all 4.

Unfortunately, of the 4 only 1 booted after upgrade. It took much finagling including a complete reinstall to get the other machines up to speed.

To me this does not bode well for Ubuntu.

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  1. Daniel Silverman Says:

    It seems like their six month release cycle is too short to make any major improvements as well as ironing out all of the persistant bugs. Nine months might be a more reasonable time frame. And I’m definately wondering what’s up with LTS: we’re running Dapper and now they’re up to Feisty, and no mention of the next LTS? How the hell are we going to upgrade? I imagine there is no upgrade path at all. Which is special.

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